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  • Rowena Travi

International Women's Day, 2020 (why we love supporting women's empowerment through our service!).

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Ok, let's just put this out there - we LOVE supporting women! How fitting, then, that our very first event was in celebration of International Women's Day, at an amazing "Sip'n'Dip" afternoon, helping 100 beautiful ladies relax, unwind, paint and be injected with a robust dose of motivational inspiration with their nearest and dearest ladies. Throw in a few sneaky glasses of bubbles, delectable treats and funky, fab booth times and it was the perfect recipe for an afternoon of fun and creation, set amidst the background of women supporting women.

The whole vibe of the afternoon was for every lady in the room to connect and ground herself again within the safe cocoon of non-judgement and woman to woman strength and bonding. It really was such a positive atmosphere and having our booth there just added to the excitement of the day. There was a huge mix of ages and groups there, from younger daughters and mothers to groups of work friends and mummies to older family groups, and one thing was clear - no matter what age they were, or who they were with, they all totally loved the booth! And we had just as much fun watching everyone getting involved, choosing their props and making funny shapes and poses or just capturing special moments with their loved ones. The youngest to take a photo in the booth was 12 and the oldest, 95. What a blessing for us. It touched our hearts that every lady who was there felt full of gratitude, love and grounding when she left - there's just no better thing to see!

A great big "THANK YOU" to Jaana from Sip'n'dip for having us! Everyone had such a great day and we can't wait until next year's event!

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