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  • Rowena Travi

What to look for in a vendor...

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Perhaps the hardest thing to work out when booking vendors for your Wedding or Event is how on Earth you can establish who will have the winning combination of delivering the exact outcome you desire whilst also being professional with their communications AND laid back in their demeanour. Without contacts in the industry, where do you start? The great news is that it's not actually as hard and intimidating as it can first seem.

Start by asking people you know for recommendations. Whether it's an amazing venue, engaging celebrant, perfectionist photographer or stand out photo booth you're looking for, someone you know will usually have had a memorable experience with one of these services. Let's say you've been recommended a celebrant. Have a look at her or his website, social media and reviews, and if you feel they're a good fit for you, make contact. Supposing you're satisfied with the communication you receive, during your meeting, ask for recommendations for other vendors you might be looking for. Any person who has worked within the entertainment and wedding industries should have a number of vendors of the same style, feel and professionalism to recommend to you. The best part is that if you "click" with one vendor's style, chances are any others they recommend to you will be similar. You can do the same with the next vendors you meet, too, and before long you'll have your dream team of people ready to create your perfect party! Easy!

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