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Standard Templates

the print border.
unique, memorable, personalised. 
custom design also available. $50.

general templates

* all templates listed here are complimentary

block white

block black

block pink

block watermelon

block blue

purple watercolour

pink watercolour

blue watercolour

White 6x2 example with B2.png
Black 6x2 example with W9.png
Pink 6x2 example with B2.png
Watermelon 6x2 Example with B2.png
Blue block 6x2 Example.png
Purple fade 6x2 example with W5.png
Pink Watercolour example 6x2.png
Blue fade 6x2 Example.png

flower drawings

Flower drawings 6x2 example with W3.png

confetti on navy

Navy Confetti 6x2 example with B3.png

confetti on white

White Confetti 6x2 example with W7.png

rose gold spots on black

Black with Rose Gold Spots 6x2 Example w

rose gold spots on white

Example 2 of Rose Gold on WHite 6x2.png

rose gold spots on navy

Blue with rose gold spots 6x2 example (2

tropical tiffany

Tropical 6x2 example.png

ink spots on white

Jaana Designs.png


Birthday 1.png

wedding  templates

wedding 1

Green leaves Wedding 1.png

wedding 2

Pink Rose Wedding 2.png

wedding 3

Wreath Wedding 3.png

wedding 4

Gold leaf Wedding 4.png

new years  templates

happy new year 1

Happy New Year 1.png

happy new year 2

Happy New Year 2.png

happy new year 3

Happy New Year 3.png

happy new year 4

Happy New Year 4.png

happy new year 5

Happy New Year 5.png
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