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OR we can Customise a Props Pack just for you!

Customised props pack booth chic brisbane

Individual Props Hire Pricing

Sets of Themed Signs
Set of Lips & Mo's on Metal Sticks
Set of 2 Visors (Pink & Purple or 2 x White)  Set of 2 White Flower Crowns
Bunny Ears (1 Pair)
Ukeleles (White, Red or Watermelon) 
Summer Flower Crown
Specialty Hats
Set of 2 Maracas
Mini Sombrero Headband
Giant Cactus, Flamingo or Boom Box
Silver Shakers
80's Bum Bag
Neon Necklaces (Yellow & Pink)
Faux Feather Boas (White or Black)
Set of Rainbow Flags
Red Heart Necklace
Plastic Gangster Gun
Plastic Cigarette Holder
Hollywood Clapper
Plastic Pineapple
Set of 2 Tropical Leis
Funny Glasses    

























*Props pack shown here is + $195

Layout 5

4 Photo Print | 4 x 6"

1 Print Copy

Template layouts 4x6_.png

Important Note!

Base pricing includes:

  • 2 identical print outs of the 2x6" Photo Strips (Layouts 1-4), OR

  • 1 print out of the 4x6" traditional Photo size (Layouts 5-7). 


If you love the traditional photo-sized prints, you can also choose to include duplicate prints for those for only +$150/50 Guests! 

Layout 6

Template Layouts 6x4_.png

2 Photo Print | 4 x 6"

Template Layouts 6x4_ (1).png
Copy of Email Signatures - Round Frame Sophisticated (6).png
Copy of Email Signatures - Round Frame Sophisticated.png

6x4" Print Examples with Name Blocks

*These are only available as complete photos, as shown here. For Layouts 5, 6 & 7, a custom template must be designed.

White + B2

White 6x4 example with B2.png

Blue + W2

Blue 6x4 example with W2.png

Pink Fade + W2

Pink fade 6x4 exmple with W1.png

Navy with Rose Gold Spots + W2

Blue with rose gold spots 6x4

Black + W9

Black 6x4 example with W9.png

Watermelon + B2

Watermelon 6x4 example with B2.png

Tropical Tiffany + W2

Tropical Tiffany 6x4 example with W2.png

White with Rose Gold Spots + W6

White with RG spots 6x4 example with W6.

Pink + B2

Pink 6x4 example with B2.png

Blue Fade + W2

Blue fade 6x4 example with W2.png

Ink Spots + B1

Ink Spots 6x4 example with B1.png

Black with Rose Gold Spots + W8

Black w RC Spots 6x4 example with W8.png

Yellow + W1

Yellow 6x4 example with W1.png

Purple Fade + B6

Purple fade 6x4 example with B6.png

Navy Confetti + B3

Navy Confetti 6x4 example with B3.png

White Confetti + W7

White Confetti 6x4 example with W7.png

Flower Drawings + W3

Flower drawings 6x4 example with W3.png

Perfect! Now you've browsed our selection of Templates and Name Blocks, note down your fave combo, make the selection when you book and TA-DA - you've got your Booth Booked and Customised.


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